The view of Gedambaan Beach is the boats and fishermen going back and forth. You can also see the bagang or fishing gear in the form of a house building above the sea. The color of the water of this beach has a different characteristic, namely clear greenish green. The sea water also looks shallow so it can be seen easily because of the clear water of this beautiful beach in Kotabaru.

In addition, the view of the verdant hills also makes the atmosphere more complete and the scenery looks very beautiful. Gedambaan Beach is filled with mangrove trees that grow along the coast. The trees that grow around this beach look old and aged. This can be seen from the size of the trunk and the large roots of the mangrove trees that come out of the ground.

When the sea water is high, then you will see green sea water on Gedambaan Beach. When you walk around the beach area, the height can reach as high as the chest of an adult. Meanwhile, when the sea water is receding, the water will be so shallow. You will see several puddles of water around the location that was filled with high tide.